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Vlasic mountain location is such that it is equally distant from the sea and the great continental cities. Vlasic is dominated by it`s highest peak Opaljenik (1943 m). The fact that this snow mountain reserves snow more than 5 months with a small number of stormy days and that during summer because of his wealth woods, meadows streaked with colorful flowers, river Ugar and developed cattle breeding and production of far famed "Vlasic cheese", Vlasic has all prerequisites for the development of many forms of tourist offers throughout the year.

Sports and recreation center "Vlasic, on the Babanovac and an altitude of 1260 m, has a capacity for winter and summer tourism. Travnik is away from 28 km.
The near by mountain - Vlasic is one of the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes it a great place for skiing, hiking and sledding. Because tourism isn't strong in the city, Vlasic is a major tourist attraction.


Travnik is also very interesting. As in many other Bosnian towns, Travnik tourism is largely based on history and geography. Many of the buildings, which date from the Ottoman period, are well preserved, such as the number of mosques, oriental houses, clock towers and fountains. Old Town dates from the early 15th century.


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